Hello all! It's been quite some time as life gets in the way of writing and most other pleasurable tasks. I'm proud to announce that we moved recently; downsized 1000 square feet! Despite the size, it's very open and fluid, and (prayer hands) thank you us, super easy to clean! It is a great home for a family of four, with a large kitchen and living room, and a backyard with a pool, hot tub, BBQ, fire pit, and sizable grassy area for our rescue (a.k.a. junkyard) dogs to trash.

This new life development is actually the point of this post.

Downsizing.  In Arizona suburbia, this is a truly evil word.  You have to keep up with the Joneses, man!  Bigger is better, and really, if you move yourself into a smaller home, doesn't that mean you are failing at life?  Doesn't it?

Keep up with the Joneses?  Really?
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Hmmmmm.  I'm thinking no.  I'm thinking just the opposite, that downsizing shows you are conquering life, sword in hand, slashing away at the non-necessities.  Let's enjoy this quick comparison of Big House with Small House, shall we? 

Big House:

  • is an ESM (Energy Sucking Monster)
  • requires astronomical utility bills to satiate its hunger
  • eats into free time by needing so much cleaning
  • craves massive quantities of water to survive
  • collects filth in places no one ever thinks to look (gross)

Smaller House:

  • boasts chump change electric and water bills
  • allows many more joyous hours of freedom (less to clean)
  • tightens the family unit. It's true. I feel closer to my family now than I have in years. I can actually have a conversation with everyone in the house, no matter where they are, and they will hear me. No more texting when dinner is ready!
Keep up with the Joneses? No thanks. I'd rather save my money, time, and the planet. My life lens is focusing.  

©Take a Walk On the Greener Side


Independents Week is July 1 - July 7!

Greener House Today is participating again in Local First Arizona's Independents Week Golden Coupon!  Schedule your home energy audit for July 1 - July 7 and receive 20% any home energy efficiency improvements you choose to do!  Click on the link for other participating local businesses and help Arizona's economy by shopping local!

Local First Arizona Independents Week Golden Coupon participants


U.S. Department of Energy Website

The U.S. Department of Energy has an excellent website!  It provides information about saving money and energy at home, at work, and driving in your vehicle; gives up-to-date information regarding renewable energy and available tax credits; and contains a section on products and services that will help you on your journey to become more eco-conscious.  Check it out!



Green Cave Creek presents Cave Creek Earth Day

Cave Creek Earth Day is a free event!  Hope everyone can make it!

Greener House Today's Green Your System AC Service

A GREEN YOUR SYSTEM full HVAC checkup from Greener House Today ensures routinely scheduled preventative maintenance of your heating and air conditioning systems. This helps protect you from unexpected and sometimes costly expenses from equipment breakdowns. Bi-annual tune-ups are designed to keep your system(s) running at maximum efficiency which results in lower energy costs as well as improved comfort and safety.

Reasons to Green Your System:
1.    Save up to 30% on your utility bills.
2.    Avoid unnecessary emergency breakdowns.
3.    Prevent costly repairs.
4.    Improve comfort and temperature stability.
5.    Routine maintenance doubles the life span of the average residential air conditioning system.
6.    Many health risks associated with home air quality can be dramatically reduced with proper system maintenance.
7.    A complete system replacement is 70% more likely to be required in systems that have not had routine maintenance.
8.    Safeguard your home and family.
9.    Be environmentally friendly by saving fuel and energy.
10.  Enjoy peace of mind!
Give us a call if you are interested or respond to this blog post and we'll get you set up right away!


Another Successful Home Show for Greener House Today!

WE LOVE DOING HOME SHOWS AROUND THE VALLEY!  We get to meet so many interesting people all over the energy-awareness spectrum. 

One end of the spectrum is the people that are already doing all they can to save money and energy; that have everything from LEDs in every light to solar on their rooftops.  These people appreciate what we do, and we can "talk shop" about making homes greener. 

The other end of the spectrum are the people that have not delved into the green thing yet.  These people are a true delight because we get to educate them on easy, cost-effective ways to be more green.  We love seeing the look in their eyes when we talk about the benefits of sealing a duct system, or how their R-30 fiberglass batt insulation only has an effective R-4 value because it's not in contact with the air barrier.

Schmoozing with fellow greenies and getting the word out definitely makes for a inspiring weekend.  Anytime anyone wants to get in on the conversation, just blog back, email us at greenerhousetoday@gmail.com, or give us a call at 480-213-3509.  We are small, we are local, we are responsive and will answer!  


"Energy Savers" Booklet from the U.S. Department of Energy: A True Gem

What splendid reading!

This booklet, produced by the U.S. Department of Energy, is chalk full of energy and money saving tips.  It begins with the unsettling statistic that "the typical U.S. family spends about $1,900 a year on utility bills," and that "unfortunately, a large portion of that energy is wasted."


Thank goodness the rest of the book focuses on the how, the why, and the what we can do about it.  Sections provide more than enough information, with spotlights on insulation, sealing air leaks, windows, heating and cooling, lighting, appliances, home office, car maintenance, and renewable energy.  Within each of these sections is a paragraph or two on long-term savings tips.  The pamphlet ends with references and some websites that are well worth exploring.

If I could, I would provide the whole book for you, right here on Making a Greener House Today.  But, unfortunately, I cannot, so I will do the next best thing.  You can visit http://www.energysavers.gov/tips/ download the PDF, and view the whole book online. 

Thirty-three pages definitely worth reading.  Let me know what you think! 


Has Your Home Been Haboobed?

With the monsoon season upon us, we know to brace ourselves for our old pals, Blustery Wind and Vigorous Rain, but this year brings with it a newcomer and attention hogger:  Roiling Haboob. 

The haboob.  A dust cloud with the span of the Superstitions churning its way across the valley, engulfing homes from Queen Creek to Cave Creek and on.  This celeb of the moment certainly deserves attention.  I've lived in Arizona for over 20 years and have never seen anything like one.  And I'm not saying there hasn't been one before; I've just not seen it.  And even if there has been one; have there ever been three in the span of two months? 

I may not know the haboob's cause, but I certainly know its effect.  Dust.  Outside and inside.  Yes, haboob dust makes its way through those little cracked seals around your doors and windows and peppers your carpet and coats your counters. 

Just another reason to have Greener House Today come out and find those cracks and seal them up.  Air sealing, haboob proofing, it's all the same.  The bottom line is:  air and AC stays in the house, dust and hot air stay out.  One more way you can save money, save energy, and save the earth all at once!