Has Your Home Been Haboobed?

With the monsoon season upon us, we know to brace ourselves for our old pals, Blustery Wind and Vigorous Rain, but this year brings with it a newcomer and attention hogger:  Roiling Haboob. 

The haboob.  A dust cloud with the span of the Superstitions churning its way across the valley, engulfing homes from Queen Creek to Cave Creek and on.  This celeb of the moment certainly deserves attention.  I've lived in Arizona for over 20 years and have never seen anything like one.  And I'm not saying there hasn't been one before; I've just not seen it.  And even if there has been one; have there ever been three in the span of two months? 

I may not know the haboob's cause, but I certainly know its effect.  Dust.  Outside and inside.  Yes, haboob dust makes its way through those little cracked seals around your doors and windows and peppers your carpet and coats your counters. 

Just another reason to have Greener House Today come out and find those cracks and seal them up.  Air sealing, haboob proofing, it's all the same.  The bottom line is:  air and AC stays in the house, dust and hot air stay out.  One more way you can save money, save energy, and save the earth all at once!