Hello all! It's been quite some time as life gets in the way of writing and most other pleasurable tasks. I'm proud to announce that we moved recently; downsized 1000 square feet! Despite the size, it's very open and fluid, and (prayer hands) thank you us, super easy to clean! It is a great home for a family of four, with a large kitchen and living room, and a backyard with a pool, hot tub, BBQ, fire pit, and sizable grassy area for our rescue (a.k.a. junkyard) dogs to trash.

This new life development is actually the point of this post.

Downsizing.  In Arizona suburbia, this is a truly evil word.  You have to keep up with the Joneses, man!  Bigger is better, and really, if you move yourself into a smaller home, doesn't that mean you are failing at life?  Doesn't it?

Keep up with the Joneses?  Really?
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Hmmmmm.  I'm thinking no.  I'm thinking just the opposite, that downsizing shows you are conquering life, sword in hand, slashing away at the non-necessities.  Let's enjoy this quick comparison of Big House with Small House, shall we? 

Big House:

  • is an ESM (Energy Sucking Monster)
  • requires astronomical utility bills to satiate its hunger
  • eats into free time by needing so much cleaning
  • craves massive quantities of water to survive
  • collects filth in places no one ever thinks to look (gross)

Smaller House:

  • boasts chump change electric and water bills
  • allows many more joyous hours of freedom (less to clean)
  • tightens the family unit. It's true. I feel closer to my family now than I have in years. I can actually have a conversation with everyone in the house, no matter where they are, and they will hear me. No more texting when dinner is ready!
Keep up with the Joneses? No thanks. I'd rather save my money, time, and the planet. My life lens is focusing.  

©Take a Walk On the Greener Side