Green Baby Step - Boo! Phantom Energy

This Green Baby Step is numero uno of a plethora of baby steps this blog will feature so you can learn to get your green on without making scary massive changes.

Choose the most unused room in your house.  Now, slowly, enter the room and look around.  What's plugged in?  Lamps?  Maybe a clock?  Did you know that these guys use energy even when they are not turned on?  Now, unplug them!  Yes, that's what I said.  UNPLUG THEM.  You may have to reset the time on the clock next time you have guests, but hey.  It's for the greater good!  Good luck!


  1. Will do this. I have a guest room that most often only the cat inhabits. I will unplug everything. what about the TV, though?

  2. Yes - even the TV! And unless you are running a Hilton, that is the perfect room to pick!